A Statement About Sexual Harassment in the Industry [UPDATED]

The Los Angeles County Brewers Guild stands in solidarity with victims of harassment and abuse. It has been immensely troubling to hear of the countless reports ranging in severity coming predominantly from women who work in and around our community. There is no excuse for physically, verbally, emotionally, or mentally harming others. 

We commend those who have mustered up the courage to speak up about these incidents which span across the entire globe. Simply put, our industry needs to be better. Society as a whole needs to be better. To assist our member breweries and their staff, the Los Angeles County Brewers Guild has compiled a list of both employer and employee resources spanning from third-party sexual harassment and sensitivity trainings, mental health services, and resources for victims of abuse. These resources may be used by all who need them and are available on our website. We will continue to do the work to be stronger allies and create meaningful improvements to our community. This is only the beginning.

To those who have suffered, have been silenced, or ignored: We believe you, we hear you, and we see you. 

A note from Frances Michelle Cannon, Executive Director (May 19, 2021): 
As our craft brewing community continues to process and navigate through these situations that have come to light, we kindly ask our industry members and community to keep an eye on this space as we update it with the next steps LABG will be taking to ensure that we are fostering a safe and inclusive space. While the association is not in the position to dictate mandatory trainings for our members, we hope that the resources we have compiled below will be considered, implemented, and fully taken to heart. Our goal with this resource list is to arm our employers AND employees with the tools they need. From harassment training to how to file formal complaints — all the way down to minding one’s mental health. The recent explosion of industry harassment stories is something that has been long overdue, and LABG is committed to finding new ways to innovate and expand the services that we bring our members as well as our greater communities.  Additional programs are also in the works and this page will be periodically updated to inform you of how to be involved.

UPDATE: 8/25/21: Los Angeles County Brewers Guild partners up with #NotMe app
LABG is proud to announce a new affiliate partnership with the #NotMe reporting application. #NotMe is a misconduct reporting platform designed from the ground up to support employees in raising any concerns, and employers who want to listen, respond, and more effectively prevent all forms of misconduct. A guild-wide discount will be made available to all LABG member breweries and the application will be used at the 2022 L.A. Beer Week Festival to provide a safe and anonymous reporting tool for both industry members and festival attendees. LABG members will receive additional information in their member newsletters.

*For major crimes and emergencies, all guests are encouraged to report issues to local authorities.  For more information on the #NotMe app visit their website at https://not-me.com

UPDATE: 7/26/21:  Los Angeles County Brewers Guild members adopt Code of Conduct into organization’s bylaws.
After a period of exploration, the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles County Brewers Guild finalized language for a baseline Code of Conduct for all LABG member breweries to abide by. The Code of Conduct is currently a good-faith document for Guild members to use as a guiding light. Members are expected to abide by this Code of Conduct especially when participating in LABG activities and events.  LABG is not an enforcement agency and formal complaints brought to the association must have substantial evidence before the Board can move for member discussion and a vote for removal. A pre-existing Expulsion and Exclusion clause has been amended to include the Code of Conduct.

Expulsion and Exclusion: A member can be expelled with a two-thirds of Guild vote. Additionally, a member can be expelled or excluded in the event that the Board of Directors deems the member’s presence detrimental to the integrity of the organization as a whole. This includes and is not limited to violations of the Guild’s Code of Conduct outlined in Appendix B.

Additionally, member breweries have been encouraged to audit their employee handbooks and make sure that they are on top of the legally-required anti-harassment training mandated by the State of California via AB 1825.

UPDATE: 5/20/21: Los Angeles County Brewers Guild joins the WeVow network
LABG alongside several brewery members have joined the WeVow network to create an online reporting portal for the association. This portal will be available for industry members to report instances occurring at LABG produced meetings and events.



Updated 5/19/21

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Sexual Harassment & Workplace Discrimination Resources 

  • CA Attorney General Rob Bonta’s Office
    What to do if you’re a victim: https://oag.ca.gov/workplace-sexual-harassmentCalifornia Department of Fair Employment & Housing
    File a workplace discrimination complaint with DFEH: https://www.dfeh.ca.gov/ComplaintProcess/
  • National Sexual Violence Resource Center
  • National Women’s Law Center: if you’ve been harassed at work, they can get you a free lawyer consultation to help you understand your options. https://nwlc.org

Mental Health Resources 



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