Mental Health Awareness Month: Resources and Tips

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and as we approach nearly two months of Safer-At-Home orders, we wanted to share some resources and tips to help you get through these challenging times.  The Los Angeles County Brewers Guild is like one wacky family. In the last decade, our family has grown, and with that comes the responsibility to look after one another. Our organization is built on the principles of promoting and protecting the craft brewing industry, and we feel this also includes fostering a strong sense of community among our businesses and our supporters. A few weeks ago we circulated an internal Mental Health Resource list to share with our brewery members. There is no doubt that this pandemic has caused an incredible amount of stress and anxiety among our breweries and society as a whole. Our goal in sharing these resources is to end the mental health stigma and motivate those to seek the help they need during this unprecedented time.

No one should ever feel shame in needing support. We hope that you find the below useful and share these resources with those in your life who you think could use it. Remember: we’re all in this together. We hope to be able to enjoy some delicious beers with you in our tap rooms again soon.

Disclaimer: We are not mental health professionals, so please take our tips as casual/personal advice. All listed resources are professional mental health organizations.

5 tips that have helped us during the COVID-19 crisis: 

  • Stay Connected – Just because we’re under lockdown and can’t spend much time outside of our homes doesn’t mean we have to become total hermits. Make the effort to stay connected to friends and family over the internet, phone, and social media apps. Zoom and FaceTime hangouts can really help give you a boost when the days feel like they’re becoming a big blur. We’re particularly fans of virtual happy hours and playing games online (Jackbox Nights, Trivia, Settlers of Catan).
  • Explore & Learn! – For those who find themselves at home more with time to kill, now’s the time to dive into those hobbies you may have forgotten you love. Been meaning to learn how to cook? Play guitar? Knit? Push yourself to make the time for these activities that keep your brain going and your hands busy. I’ve been loving the Instagram live videos many local chefs have been doing during this quarantine! chefs Ludo Lefebvre, Thomas Keller, and Jet Tila are great to name a few.
  • Get Those Steps In! – Even if you’re one of those types of people who are able to workout at home (yoga, weights, whatever), you should still get moving — outside! See some daylight when you can (especially helpful if you’re having trouble sleeping). Just be sure to have that facial covering handy and that you’re maintaining lots of space between you and anyone passing by. I’m no runner, but I can tell you that my handful of loops around my neighborhood are keeping me from those restless feelings being cooped up inside all day can make you feel. Personally, I’ve been digging the RingFit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch!
  • Eat Well (and also don’t eat well) – It can be easy to fall into a food rut when you pull going to restaurants out of your lifestyle. Be sure to eat balanced meals that keep you healthy and make you feel good. But also…live a little and have that extra cheesy pizza or that bowl of midnight ice cream. Everything in moderation, right? Pro-tip: whenever possible, opt for local pick-up over third-party delivery apps. It gets you out of the house for a bit and the small businesses you’re trying to support get the most out of your purchase. App commissions and fees are a bit brutal and many small restaurants and breweries are even offering their own in-house delivery too.
  • Scream. – Call it a battle cry, a solo freak-out, or a quarantine howl — but sometimes, when we just feel a little crazy, there is a weird comfort (and hilarity) to just letting out a giant scream. Now, don’t scream AT anyone, please (that’s not nice), but shake off the day’s frustration and just let loose for a minute. You might think it’s stupid, you might burst out laughing, or (in my case), you might actually feel like you’ve expelled the bad vibes – even for just a little bit. Bonus points is paired with a friendly zoom hang out. There’s nothing that will make you laugh more than a coordinated quarantine howl. 🙂

The Professionals: 


We hope that you are all staying safe, healthy, and sane. Stay tuned this month on our @LABrewers Instagram for some #MentalHealthMonday activities!

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