LA Brewers Guild Gets New Website

BeerHappy-smNewcomers to the Los Angeles craft beer scene, the team at Headspace Creative led by Kyle & Samara Hart are bringing together two great passions, quality code and craft beer. Having done work in web design and marketing professionally since 2008 and been advocates for local beer for at least that long it made sense to bring the two together officially.

The team at Headspace saw need with LA Brewers Guild, introduced their vision and goals in the industry and shortly thereafter, the process of designing the future was underway. Launching with Phase one in September the Headspace team wanted to bring emphasis to the breweries, giving each a page on the site to call their own. Filled with brewery contact & location info, including hours, social media promotion & photo gallery — the new opportunities for brewery promotion are only getting started. Additional features are already in the planning phases and scheduled for release over the next 12-18 months.

Exciting new things are in store for the Los Angeles County Craft Scene and Headspace Creative wouldn’t have it any other way.

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