L.A. Brewers Support Brewers Association Independent Craft Certification

Our friends and allies at the Brewers Association dropped some big news today with regards to our on-going push for transparency in the beer industry by launching the new Certified Independent Craft seal which will be available to all independent craft breweries who qualify. This designation has been something that both brewers and consumers have been seeking out as the lines become increasingly blurry on store shelves shared with former “craft” breweries who have been acquired by Big Beer companies. 

The Los Angeles County Brewers Guild supports the BA’s independent craft certification and we are hoping that you will too. You may have already noticed that our Guild has been making the extra effort to set our breweries apart from the rest. Just earlier this month, we posted this State of the Guild piece originally published in Beer Paper in hopes that you will join us in this movement and be proud of the locally owned & operated small businesses that enrich every corner of L.A. County. Perhaps you’ve seen the words “independent” on our new tents, Guild maps, tasting cups, photo booths, website, and even on the make-shift signage we have been putting up at our summer events? 

This is only the beginning and we are relying on you, our amazing supporters, to continue to help us succeed. L.A. beer has come so far in the last 9 years and it’s thanks to the dedication of people like you who have championed for your local breweries, shown up to speak on behalf of your tasting rooms, and wear those brewery shirts proudly. As the dust settles on our power-packed 9th L.A. Beer Week, we THANK YOU for choosing #labeer.  


Check out this video from the Brewers Association which talks more about this new certification: 

Are you an independent craft brewer?
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