Cheers to 20 Years: Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewery

If we wrote blog posts about every brewery anniversary, we’d never get anything done around here. However, this weekend marks a tremendous milestone for one of our founding brewery members, Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewery. We couldn’t be more happy to wish them a happy 20th anniversary.

Rob & Laina McFerren founded Wolf Creek Restaurant & Brewery in 1997 during an interesting time for brewpubs. As many of these early microbreweries began to shutter across the country, Wolf Creek persisted and became a mainstay in the Santa Clarita area. Over the years, they built a strong local base and operated through the tumultuous aughts; a time when a local craft brewery in Los Angeles County seemed like a mirage. As the new wave of L.A. area craft breweries began to pop up around 2009, Wolf Creek made every effort to stay engaged with the changing craft beer community. And in 2013, when the Los Angeles County Brewers Guild was officially formed, the Wolf Creek team were there and ready to serve.

Rob’s approach to beer is a unique one in that while he started the brewery with what we lovingly call the 90’s brewpub solid gold hits, he has continued to grow, innovate, and evolve with the ever-fickle craft beer drinker’s palate. While they still make one of the most reliable hefeweizen’s in town, successful developments with their selection of IPA’s, stouts, and seasonal brews round out a lineup sure to please. Major changes at their brewpub in recent years have given them the opportunity to expand to an impressive 30-barrel brewhouse — giving them the capacity to service both their restaurant, brewery tasting room, and the local southern California market.

It’s not only Rob’s beers, their restaurant’s popular menu items, or their inviting tasting room that make Wolf Creek special however. Rob’s wife Laina is not only the heart of their organization, but is also a major artery in ours. As a two-term L.A. Brewers Guild board member and our recently elected Vice President, saying that Laina is involved in our Guild is a sheer understatement. Laina has her hand in virtually every decision we make and has been immensely generous with her time and resources. From sitting as a crucial member of our Events Committee to even producing their own BFE Fest at their brewery to spotlight the “perimeter” breweries who don’t always get the best visibility, Laina’s knack for community building and supporting local breweries is truly inspiring.

20 years in business is nothing to scoff at. 20 years in the brewing business is even more impressive. We couldn’t be more proud to raise a glass to Wolf Creek Brewery for hitting this major landmark and wish them many more anniversaries to come.

Celebrate with them all weekend long:


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